Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays Wire Style

Well, hell, it's almost Christmas. Between work and real life issues, I've had little time to do much other than take a stab at writing something for my Mom. "April Fools" is about the death of my father, who did indeed die on April 1st. Apart from the 15 years of marriage to my dad, my mom spend her adult life in mental institutions. Suck ass recording please forgive, but "Larned, Kansas 1980" is what came to me.
Larned, Kansas 1980 by Bill Odle

While I'm working on not sucking as a singer/songwriter, I'm thankful I've stumbled upon a Brit who does Americana inspired music, as well as just plain great music, in his own wonderful, soulful way.  David Ford flat out is awesome (and his trademark hat is cooler than mine).  I never use the word awesome, by the way. Listen to him and I think you'll agree.