Friday, July 29, 2011

The Heat Dome

Kansas City would be a garden spot if not for the weather. Seriously, 104 degrees? At 8 pm...Like all of the Midwest, we've been suffering under a stagnant "heat dome" for the last couple of weeks.  Most of central and south central Kansas hasn't seen any rain since June.  Excessive heat warnings have been issued almost everyday.  The heat has been linked to two dozen deaths in the metro area alone.  This is a brutal, unforgiving heat wave and my thoughts are with those poor souls, mostly the poor and elderly, who are suffering (and dying) in it.

About the only thing this kind of weather is good for is writing songs.  After years of barely touching my guitar, last summer, for no apparent reason, I suddenly decided that I had to have a black Gibson Les Paul Studio that was hanging in Bentley Guitar Studios here in Parkville.  Months of me playing it frequently enough to know I'd probably stick with it this time resulted in my wife giving me my Eastman E10D for Christmas.   I started writing songs in earnest in May of this year.

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  1. Strange how events and things change us. I hadn't played my guitar for years except around campfires, in fact it was almost unplayable. It was been asked to teach guitar to a friend's daughter & son (talk about the blind leading the blind)that changed all that. I used the proceeds to buy my current Ibanez 6 string that started me songwriting and performing again. Love your blog.