Saturday, November 5, 2011

Writing Rap Lyrics: Yep, There Will be App for That

The lyrical content of metal (a manageable amount of variables) means that it doesn't exactly take the computing power of Watson to pull off a few verses worthy of a Black Mass. Not so with the the frenetic, mad rhymes busted by your average free-styling MC rapper. It's clearly going to take more than a flash program to handle this stuff.

Stanford Coming Through
 Rest easy friends. Straight outta the streets of Palo Alto, a couple of Stanford computer science students have developed a rap lyric generator using the methodologies outlined in their 2009 paper (which is worth reading) It appears that Hieu Nguyen and Brian Sa at least had a prototype capable of yielding relatively "real" sounding lyrics, if not very clever. 

i 1ike getting head,cause it's so convenient  huh 
you can do it any time you don’t have to beat it
you can get it in the car or even in the park
yeah but most head-hunters go out alter dark true
there’s nothing like a pretty hoe on her knees
suckin’ my d yeaaah. and 1ickin, my b's
we don’t have to take our clothes off to bust a nut
when I pu11 out my dick biiiiatch pucker up
and gimme some coolin’ in a club on a saturday night
gettin’ fucked up with the boys and feelin’ all right
yeah when a saw th1s bitch who had to be a winner
and the only thing on my mind was to run up in her
so i got her kind of tipsy with some sex on the beach
then the bitch got hot and she wanted to eat
so for me to get over took her straight to the bed
what she got on her knees and gave some good hot head
Yeah hot head hoes some white some niggeroes
but I 1ike the ones who suck toes and assholes
with tongues 1ike razors that cut when she 1icks
ooh how can i fuck you with a skinless dick ha ha ha ha
you take pride in suckin’ a good dick
and after i nut bitch you better not spit ha ha ha ha
you're a dirt dobbler a goop gobbler
you’1l fuck satan for the righteous dollar 

Try as I might, I can't find if their dream ever came to fruition. Guys? Did you abandon your work for the good of mankind? A computer that appreciates a good blow job means we're just that much closer to Skynet.

If anyone knows, please email me. I gotta have this thing.

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