Monday, September 5, 2011

Changing Tunes

This month's issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine features a splendid Richard Thompson interview in which he discusses how alternate tunings can provide new inspiration and ideas for your songwriting.  Other than dorking around with Open G in learning Rolling Stones songs, I've never really explored the possibilities of using, say, the celtic drone of Modal D tuning as the basis for a song. It sounded like something worth trying, so I tuned to Drop D and started noodling. 

Sure enough, after a few minutes, I had a melody and a couple of verses about a guy watching the girl he loves getting married to someone else.  After a few rewrites, the guy became someone who may be a little crazy and who has convinced himself that the bride really wants him.  Through his eyes, when she cries at her wedding, it's not because she's happy, but because "she loves me still." Yet, as he also converses with angles, it's not entirely clear that she even knows him, making the ending bittersweet and/or our protagonist a fairly creepy stalker. Anyway, a demo of "She Loves Me Still" is here. I hope you like it.

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