Sunday, October 30, 2011

Artist of the Week

As a lawyer, sometimes evicting widows, suing orphanages and rolling naked in stacks of twenties just takes away from less lucrative pursuits, like music and blogging. But ever aware of the social contract and placing aside my aspirations to be a 1%er, there are so many great, unsigned artists to listen to and so little time, without further adieu:

"Music is no way to make a living. It's a way to share the living you make."So begins the bio of Vermont singer/songwriter John Gillette. And a helluva songwriter he is too. His voice is reminiscent of a de-Texafied Lyle Lovett and his songs blend seamlessly blend folk and bluegrass. In the mournful "Riverstone,"Gillette takes gentle aim at the fading allure of an unnamed ex, whose partying is wearing her down "like a riverstone." Less mean that Richard Thompson's "Turning of the Tide," Gillette's skillful use of detail makes for a vivid, unforgettable lyric ("you spent $63 on that hangover"). He's won at least one well-deserved songwriting award and, if music is no way to make a living, I'm just glad Gillette is nonetheless sharing the wonderful living he's made.

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