Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Fifty Year Flood

October has passed in a flash.  As does all time as we grow older.  This perception is widely shared and way smarter folks than me have tried to explain it.  It just seems as if one year is a much larger percentage of your existential experience when you're 10 than when you're 50.  I'm turning 49 this week.

And working too hard at my real job to do much of anything, but Spotify has been a fun diversion while I'm working on a monster brief.  More on that later, but if you haven't check it out, you should.  It rules Pandora and it is possible a game changer.

Also, I did write one song, "Fifty Year Flood."

Fifty Year Flood by Bill Odle

I won't leave this place behind, either.

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